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Young Ballet Class

Studio Policies

Students are required to follow studio guidelines pertaining to their level in order to attend and participate in class. All students and guardians are advised to read this page. Upon registration, students and guardians sign that they have read and understand the rules and policies of Pointe of JOY - JOYHouse Dance.

  • Be on Time.  That really means 10 minutes early, but if you are going to be absent or tardy, call to notify. 

  • Dress modestly as you enter and exit with street clothes overtop of your dancewear. 

  • Remove shoes and sanitize hands upon arrival. 

  • Use the restroom before class begins and on breaks between classes.

  • Do not change clothes in the restroom.  Please use a designated changing room for dressing.

  • Be alert and attentive.  Don't lean, slouch, or sit in class unless directed.

  • Pay attention when you are being instructed.  Talking during lessons distracts you and your neighbors from learning.

  • 100% pure water is the only beverage allowed upstairs and in the studio.  Bring your own refillable container that you can clearly identify as your own and refill when needed.

  • All food and non-water must be kept and consumed in the dining room downstairs.

  • If you or your child makes a mess, please clean it up or ask for help.

  • Always support and encourage your JOYHouse Family.  

Studio Rules

Ballet dancers

Dance Uniform Requirements 

Virtual and In-Person Attendance 

Students are expected to attend all of their weekly class meetings each month.  Any time a student is absent or late, they need to call (606-793-1999) to notify the instructor.   Because of the rise of serious health concerns, an on-line Zoom option is available for any student concerned with exposure or personal symptoms.  You must notify your instructor by 12:00PM on the day that you will need an on-line portal to attend virtually. Three attempts to connect may be made. If  students internet connection is not sustainable, the student cannot continue to reconnect. In doing so would disrupt instruction for the students attending in person. Classes will not be recorded.

Class Preparation

The doors open 10 minutes prior to your class.  Dancers should arrive at least 10 minutes early to remove streetwear and prepare for  class.  Stretching independently as well as reviewing the lesson from the week prior is extremely beneficial.  If a dancer misses a class, it is his/her job to ask classmates or the instructor for a quick overview of the missed material before class begins.  It is not fair to the students who attended to spend class time re-learning what was already taught. 


For safety reasons, all dancers are required to enter and exit the building wearing street clothes over top of dancewear.  It does not matter if a dancer is just taking a few steps to the car for pick up or drop off, or if they are even escorted by an adult, modest street clothes are required.  During class, no stomach showing, no high, cheeky or low cut dancewear is permitted.  Music played cannot contain lyrics with swearing, violence or offensive content. Dance movements should be age appropriate, not provocative or over sexualized. 


All students level I - IV are required to follow the guidelines of their class uniform in order to participate in class.  If you arrive and notice a part of your uniform has been forgotten, please notify your instructor immediately.  It may be possible for you to borrow an item for the day or to purchase a replacement from The Dancer's Closet BEFORE class begins.  Female dancers hair must be in a secure bun and if too short see the instructor for an alternative, suitable style.  Males with longer hair that reaches the eyes must also secure their hair from their face.

How to Show Up

JOYHouse Dance Payment Information


Class Tuition is paid monthly, not weekly and is due on the FIRST day of the month. A $10 late fee is applied to your account after the 10th day of the month. Missing a class does not give a student credit or discount. The missed class is a loss. Card payments can be made online through your invoice portal that you receive by email. Returned checked will have a $35 fee in addition to the remaining balance. Students may not participate in classes once their account goes 15 days past due. JOYHouse Dance does not give refunds on dance classes . If you have an extenuating circumstance, please speak with your child's instructor.

Support System


The members of the Pointe of JOY - JOYHouse Dance community are a support system to positively cultivate personal well-being and artistic growth.  We hope that you find the JOYHouse to be your safe space. Talking or typing negatively toward or about its members is not supportive and will not be tolerated.  Please remember that in order to receive support, you must give support.  Respect is required toward the company, instructors, staff, parents, and especially all students .  

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