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Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle

JOY House Dance Company

JOYHouse Dance Company is a volunteer group of parents and students from Pointe of JOY Performing Arts who believe in sharing their talent with the world.  All choreographers, engineers, managers, and performers give their time, effort, and energy to allow you to experience their educational and entertaining performances for audiences of all ages. Company shows are usually condensed versions of our spring performance or else an original production suited for schools, nursing homes and community performances. 

If you are interested in hosting the JOYHouse Dance Company or our Liturgical Dancers (our praise and worship dancers), please give us a call at 606-793-1999.  


(Luh-tur-juh-kl) 1 : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of liturgy. 

Simply put, it is worship dance or liturgical dance as “a form of movement which serves as an expression of worship, which typically occurs within the platform of a church or worship service."  Our dancers use their talents in their expression and testament of faith. We dance within worship services and a lot of times along side the JOYHouse Dance Company members.  


Requirements and benefits to members:

In order to participate in liturgical dance classes students must be enrolled and actively participating in at least one regular instructional dance class at the JOY House.  It is a high commitment group where members learn teamwork, to support others and to depend on others as well.  


To have either the company or liturgical troupe to visit your place of worship, please contact JOY House Dance by telephone 606-793-1999. There must be at least a two month notice before a date can be scheduled to perform.



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